We are Jordan Todero and Stefan Filippo from Revivify Health,

We Met 5 years ago at a natural therapies university in Melbourne, Victoria, Jordan studying Chinese Medicine at the time and Stefan Naturopathy. It was a friendship that was destined to thrive together. We are both avid health enthusiasts and researchers, both with past histories of long standing health issues, feeling frustrated with the lack of clarity and support, we took it upon ourselves to heal not only ourselves but our loved ones around us.

We came to learn that there is more than what we are taught, and the combination of a willingness to improve our health, and the openness to explore different modalities and therapies we were able to transform our lives.

Thus, the inevitable was born, Revivify Health. From a humble idea, to an exciting reality we have put our lives mission, accumulated knowledge and love for assistance of others, into a company we are proud to be apart of, and proud to call our own.

We hope you find what you are looking for, and like us, you are able to heal your body to thrive like you were designed to.

In Health and Healing,

Stefan & Jordan.